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EV Numbers and Growth as of June2015

June 2015 Exact Numbers Updated, 146 EV added since May, considered as a high selling month.


Best Tesla Model S-friendly Car Park Map

This is one of the projects I have been working on since August 2014, called Best Model S-friendly Car Park Map. At that time, I was not yet a frequent driver, so I did not frequently visit car parks in Hong Kong. Due to the size of the Tesla Model S, its width in particular, and the smallness of parking spaces and entrances for most car parks in Hong Kong, I reckon newbies like me will need a little help in choosing the best car park around Hong Kong. Turns out, other Model S owners have had the same concern and my map has helped quite a number of people in finding the safest parking spot at unfamiliar districts.

Check out the map and bookmark it now:

Car parks are separated into 3 categories, charging Model S-friendly car parks (consists of red, blue and light green stars), non-charging Model S-friendly car parks (consists of purple circles), and blacklisted Model S-unfriendly car parks (consists of black diamonds).


Red Star: Superchargers and Model S-friendly
Blue Star: 40A or 32A chargers and Model S-friendly
Light Green Star: 13A chargers and Model S-friendly
Purple Circle: Model S-friendly
Black Diamonds: Blacklisted for various reasons

Olympian City 1 Superchargers are Now Open

Tesla Hong Kong has been adding superchargers and the latest 4 stalls are located at Olympian City 1. Thanks to Matt Chung for his photo.

You can see his photo and further discussion at http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/34177-On-Going-Best-Car-Pa...

The Best Tesla Model S-friendly Map has also updated the information immediately after receiving this great news! Since it is under Sino Property, holders of Sino EV Pass are expected to get 30% off for parking. Details for application of Sino EV Pass can be found on the map when you select the corresponding car park.


As usual, I will bring you more delicious first-hand news, hopefully in the near future! (PS: Even Tesla's official website has not been updated yet!)

Do EVs Really Do More Harm Than Good? (Excerpt)

Recently, my dearest friends are questioning my decision to own an EV (Tesla Model S 60kWh).

Arguments include:
1. "EV is at best an alternative form, not an effective reducer, of pollution, when societies are still relying on traditional sources of energy. Encouraging greater use of environmentally friendly means of mass transportation may be a more effective way."
2. "In a country that relies heavily on green sources of energy, EVs make sense. Till then, what EVs do is just shifting, not reducing, pollution."
3. "you can have all cars as EVs. But if your EVs are running on evergy generated by say, fossil fuels, you're back to square 1"
4. "Your EVs are using the energy generated inefficiently upstream in the first place. You can't compare bread with flour."

Ignoring all benefits of electricity as a vehicle fuel just for the moment, there are two aspects to answering all these questions -- scientific and personal.


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